Welcome to the Yama Bushi Shugyo Sai
Outdoor Adventure Challenge

Here you will find information on how you and your group can put your
theoretical dojo / combat training to the test

For many years, we have taken groups from all over the world into the
rugged backcountry of Canada's wild west coast and engaged them in
"real-life" tactical scenarios.

Compass work, topographical map reading and charting, orienteering, outdoor
survival, wildlife management and interaction skills, leadership, physical
"simulated combat", and team work are but a few of the many things you and
your group will learn and experience.

Past Yama Bushi Shugyo Sai Outdoor Adventure Challenges have involved
hiking into the backcountry, with an overnight "A-to-B" trajectory crossing
mountains and rivers, while dodging / outrunning / defeating a "Special Ops
Patrol" who is trying to stop the team from reaching their destination.
With so much uneven ground and rugged terrain, students learn when and
where is a better time to engage the enemy.

Other Shugyo Sai events have included safe and tactical operation and
adventure games with small water craft (canoes, kayaks, row boats, etc), in
and around one of the many archipelagoes off the shores of BC’s Sunshine
Coast. Other trips involved "Mantracker" -type games, while other trips
were about overnight archery targeting missions deep into the backcountry.
We can tailor a tactical exercise to your groups needs and ideas.

* Please take some time to view our photo gallery, to give you some idea of
what happens on these excursions. To set up a Yama Bushi Shugyo Sai Outdoor
Adventure Challenge for your study group, email Mike from Nami Yama Dojo
for information and a recommended gear list !